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元宇品灯台と楠木 / Motoujina Lighthouse and Old Camphor

元宇品灯台と楠木 / Motoujina Lighthouse and Old Camphor

(広島市)南区元宇品 / Motoujina-machi, Minami-ku, Hiroshima


The white lighthouse in the back of this picture is the symbol of the entrance of Hiroshima Port. Towering over the surrounds is a huge camphor tree. In 1973, camphor was designated as the "City Tree" of Hiroshima. Their vitality and solemn taste have imparted to the city residents the will to live and the strength to rebuild. Motoujina is one of the places where primeval forests are left untouched. In the beginning of May, all around is filled with fresh green mist.

Photo by Ichiro Sorao