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カフェポンテ / Café Ponte

カフェポンテ / Café Ponte

(広島市)中区原爆ドーム南 / the south of A-bomb Dome


This is a stylish pavement café near the east edge of Motoyasu Bridge, very close to A-bomb Dome. Its name “Ponte” means “bridge” in Italian. The night view reflected on the surface of the river makes you develop an illusion that you are visiting some foreign country. Though only temporary stores had been allowed by legal constraints for the use of riverfront, a certain preferential measure was carried out in 2008, as part of efforts to achieve the project called “a city of water Hiroshima”, and then permanent stores got to be able to open there. It serves authentic Italian food using fresh ingredients mainly grown in Hiroshima. Freshly-squeezed orange juice tastes especially good during the day. This popular café gathers over 70,000 customers throughout the year.

Photo by Ichiro Sorao