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広島リバークルーズ / River Cruise of Hiroshima

広島リバークルーズ / River Cruise of Hiroshima

(広島市)中区元安川 / Motoyasu River, Naka-ku, Hiroshima


Motoyasu River slowly flows right by A-bombed Dome. Sightseeing cruisers bound for Miyajima are anchored under the bridge. They connect two of world heritage sites in Hiroshima prefecture. People have lived together with rivers since long ago. Due to the geographical features of this city, there are surprisingly about 2,900 bridges spanning today. And have you ever seen a “gangi”? It’s a stepped pier, a flat narrow piece of wood or stone, especially one in a series, that you put your foot on when you are going down to the river to ride on a boat. About 400 “gangi” still remain from the Edo era giving off a characteristic emotion. Hiroshima, as a city of water, has been making efforts to create waterfront spaces for relaxation and refreshment like the beautiful scenery of canals and rivers in Europe.

Photo by Ichiro Sorao