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夕空に舞う大鵬 / Hovering Dapeng in the Evening Sky

夕空に舞う大鵬 / Hovering Dapeng in the Evening Sky

芸予灘上空・江田島市沖美より / Over the Sea of Geiyo (from Okimi, Etajima)


Atatajima Island floats in the east offshore of Okimi-cho, Etajima-city. This beautiful island is known as a popular fishing spot located close by Miyajima, one of the three most famous scenic places in Japan. One evening in winter, a gigantic dapeng made of clouds spread its wings across the sky. Even with super-wide-angle lens, it was so big that it couldn’t fit to a single picture. Nobody can explain correctly God's creations like this.

Photo by Ichiro Sorao